Some weird marriage customs worldwide

Throwing the bouquet, taking off the garter, the first dance, cutting cake, etc. are wedding traditions that many North Americans know and love. But, in other parts of the world, things are a little different. Some traditions can be romantic while others can be strange. Let’s look at some of the strange customs from all over the world:

Bridal kidnapping

This is a tradition which is really messed up. In Kyrgyzstan, there is an adage which claims tears on your wedding means a happy marriage. This was made illegal in 1991 but before that most parents had no trouble with their girls getting kidnapped, especially if it got them to cry.

Blackening of the bride

This happens in Scotland and is particularly nasty. It involves the groom and bride getting hit with food trash including fish and eggs. The Scots believe if couples can withstand this, they could handle anything.

To a whale of a wife

In Fiji, it is required for men to find a very unusual gift before asking women to marry them. They are expected to gift the father of the bride a tooth of a whale.

Love and chicken liver

In China, there’s a tradition which requires couples to dissect a chicken and investigate its liver. If the liver is good, the couple can set their wedding date. If it isn’t, they will not be able to plan nuptials till they find a liver that is.

Love without bathroom breaks

In Borneo, there is a tribe which doesn’t allow newlyweds to get out of their homes on their wedding day. This means they can’t even go to bathrooms. Like most of the odd traditions related to marriage, it is meant to bring good luck to the couple. This has got to be one of the most uncomfortable traditions on the list.