Traditional American Weddings

Most weddings in the US are traditionally what is known as a ‘white wedding’, a term that originated from the colour of the dress the bride wears. But, don’t make the mistake of thinking that’s all it is. A white wedding is a lot more than the colour of the bride’s dress. Customs and traditions can vary quite a bit but some of the most common components are listed here below:

Before the wedding

Hosts send invitations to wedding guests which is around a month or two before the big day. Invitations are personalized and often reflect the style of the wedding.. A lot of invitations can be produced mechanically too. Engravings were the highest possible quality earlier since it offered the best quality and as a result, it has become a part of the wedding invitation.

While giving gifts to new couples is optional, almost every guest who is invited to a wedding gets a gift too. Wedding gifts are usually sent to the home of the couple before the wedding. Gifts are not typically brought for receptions or ceremonies.

At the wedding

Ceremonies can take place pretty much anywhere but the most common choices are outdoor venues, courthouse or churches. The ceremony is brief and might just be dictated by the religious practices of the couple. The most common is the Anglican ceremony from the Book of Common Prayer. It can even be performed in under 10 minutes. Guests who show up late can even end up missing the ceremony altogether.

American brides wear white or light-coloured dresses especially if it’s their first marriage. Black is the only colour which is discouraged since it is meant for mourning.

Uncooked rice is thrown at newlyweds sometimes to symbolise fertility. Some use birdseed instead because of a weird misconception that birds who eat the rice will burst.