Strangest Wedding Traditions Worldwide

Weddings are a somewhat universal concept, but the actual style and structure of the ceremonies and celebration vary by location, culture, religion, etc.. While cutting some cake and throwing the bouquet might seem like a staple for Western places, other cultures tend to deal with this very differently. Here are some of the most common wedding traditions from around the world:


In the Yugur culture of China, grooms shoot their brides using an arrow and bow. There are no arrowheads though. They do this three times and then break the arrows to ensure the couples will stay together forever.


Here, girls are sent to get fat before their weddings. If brides have stretch marks and stomach rolls, it is believed that the husband was rich enough to satisfy her.


Scottish brides are taken by their friends and pelted with a lot of junk like dead fish, curdled milk, tar, spoiled food and feathers. She’s also tied to a tree and then taken out for a drinking night. The belief here is that if she can handle this, she can handle just about anything that a marriage can throw at her.


Here, the groom gets his feet beaten using fish or canes before their first night as married men. This is the way to test character and strength.


In some parts of India, women are cursed and believed to cause an early death for their husband. To get around this, they are first married to trees and then the tree is cut down so the curse is broken.


Here, newlyweds are made to drink leftovers out of a toilet bowl. These days, champagne and chocolate are used instead, but it’s still served from a toilet. The idea here is to give the couple some strength just before their wedding.