Strange Wedding Traditions

The one thing the world has in common is marriage. But, it varies quite a bit from one culture to another. Here are some of the strangest ones out there:

Salty wedding songs

Even though weddings are usually full of tears, brides and women in the Tujia province of China take things to the next level. Beginning a month in advance, the bride will start crying for an hour every single day. 10 days into this, the mother gets into the act too. 10 days after this, the grandmother joins too. By the end, all the females in the family are crying with the bride. This is supposed to be a sign of joy.

It takes two

In the southern part of Sudan, people from the Neur tribe believe marriage isn’t complete until women have a couple of children. If she can’t do so, the groom can ask for a divorce.

Massai mucous

In Kenya, if you ever go for a Massai wedding, it isn’t uncommon for the father of the bride to bless their daughter by spitting on her breasts and head before she goes with her husband.

Kissing party

In Sweden, when the groom or bride leaves the table to visit the bathroom, the other person gets kissed. Therefore, when a groom goes to the bathroom, every man at the reception will be able to kiss his bride.

Butch up

In Spartan culture, women had to shave their heads and then dress like men before being stolen by their husbands.

Trashy time

In France, once wedding ceremonies are over, friends of the groom and bride get all the leftovers together and put it into a toilet bowl which the groom and bride then need to eat out of. Nowadays the trash is substituted by various other things but they still must eat it from a toilet bowl.