The Different Types of Wedding Ceremonies

When a couple pledges their love for each other in a service that’s recognised by the law, it’s known as a wedding. Even though traditional ceremonies aren’t as frequent as they used to be, there are a lot of methods which could help confirm your marriage. There is a religious aspect to marriage, but it’s still legal that matters. The marriage certificate has to be signed by law to legitimise the relationship of a couple. There are many traditions when it comes to marriage around the world and we’re going to take a look at some of them right here:

Religious services

Other wedding traditions can be very complicated when you start looking at different races, social classes or ethnic groups. Traditionally, a church is the venue of choice where ceremonies are presided over by Christian priests. The “white wedding” is something that’s only popular in the US, Ireland and the UK.

Multiple services

One rare type of marriage is when a number of people decide to get married together. One great example of this is when siblings decide to get married together.

Marriage in other countries

Destination weddings have become quite popular in today’s world. A lot of couples decide to have weddings and honeymoons at the same place. Destination weddings help conjure up some exotic countries to visit but at the same time, it could just as well be a themed wedding in a place like Las Vegas.

Activity wedding

Weekend weddings are where guests and couples celebrate their marriage over the weekend. Some themed occasions include hang-gliding, golf, etc. For those people who love the outdoors they can stay back longer and make it into an extended vacation.

Ceremonies online

Lastly, you could turn to the Internet for marriage. It may not be one of the most popular ceremony type out there but that doesn’t mean people don’t go for it.